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2024 Hearts For Uganda Update

Six weeks in, and our 2024 Hearts For Uganda fundraiser is now nearly half over. We are very grateful to each and every donor, as well as those who have voiced their support for the cause.


If you have not yet donated and would like to, you can help make an impact now by clicking on the direct link below. All donations provided through this method get sent to our secondary business account, allowing us to better track incoming donations so that we can cover any charges or deductions PayPal may apply. We will cover 100% of these fees, ensuring that the full amount of your donation gets applied towards its goal.


Additionally, donations can be sent by check to our mailing address provided below. If you wish to send in a donation through this method, we ask that you please write “Hearts For Uganda” in the memo line so that we can get your donation applied accordingly.


If you have already donated or are currently unable to donate, you can also provide help by spreading the word. In sharing this fundraiser with friends, family, or even coworkers, you can assist us in raising funds for at risk and vulnerable children within Uganda.


As a reminder, any donation of $10 or more will enter your name into a drawing to win a free year of recycling. Multiple entries are allowed - a $20 donation will earn you 2 entries, $30 for 3 entries, etc.


All proceeds will be donated to the CCF Uganda, a Ugandan founded, based and run non-profit organization. This will be the third consecutive year we have partnered with them to raise money, as we whole-heartedly believe in their cause. Last year our donations helped to construct a new education center for at-risk children, as well as provide necessary materials such as school supplies. This year the main focus is providing food for the children, as well as covering further expenses for school supplies and general maintenance.


Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.


- The Star City Recycling Team


Electronic donations:

All donations can be sent to the following PayPal address:


Mailing address:

Star City Recycling

141 Harwood Court, Suite 2

Lincoln, NE 68502


More information:

Jan 8th & 9th Winter Storm Update

Monday and Tuesday of this week (Jan 8th & 9th, 2024), we had drivers out both days in an effort to pick up everyone we could. Monday we were able to get most everyone, but Tuesday was a different story.

If you didn't get your recycling picked up and you can wait until next week, we would greatly appreciate that. We will be battling bad streets for several days and since we are supposed to get more snow on Thursday and Friday it doesn't look like we'll be able to have a make up day.

If you are overflowing and can't wait - please contact me directly by email ( or text us at (402) 890-4320 and we will try our best to get you taken care of.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

New Years Day Schedule 2023

With New Years Day falling on a Monday this year, we will be closed for the holiday. All residential Monday customers will be picked the prior Friday, December 29th. Please make sure to put out your bins early (or even the night before) as our drivers will be running double routes that day, and will likely begin earlier than usual. If your scheduled pick up day does not fall on a Monday, your pick up time will not be affected.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Thanksgiving Holiday 2023

We will be having an updated pick up schedule for this Thanksgiving Holiday: All residential Thursday customers will be picked up one day early on Wednesday, Nov. 22nd. Friday customers will be picked up as usual, but we ask that you put your bins out early (or even the night before) as our drivers will likely be beginning their routes earlier than usual. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Labor Day Schedule 2023

Our offices and phone lines will be closed on this upcoming Labor Day (Monday, September 4th). However, our drivers will still be running their regularly scheduled routes. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a great Labor Day!

Hearts For Uganda 2023

We are pleased to announce our second annual Hearts For Uganda fundraiser. We are once again teaming up with CCF Uganda, a non-profit organization centered out of Iganga District in Uganda to raise money for at risk and vulnerable youth. Each donation of $10 or more enters your name in for a chance to win 1 year of free recycling. The fundraiser runs through March 31st, and the winner will be announced the following week.

Click here to find out more...

Now Accepting Alkaline and Lithium-Ion Batteries

Alkaline and Rechargeable Power Tool Batteries are accepted for an additional fee at our shop location only.


To recycle Alkaline and Rechargeable Power Tool Batteries, (Lead Acid Batteries, Li-Ion Laptop Batteries, Li-Ion Cellphone Batteries, Li-Ion Power Tool Batteries, Alkaline Batteries) all batteries must be taped and sorted. Otherwise, a fee will be charged per pound to cover processing. All broken, ruptured, leaking and swollen batteries must be removed before sending to us. 

* If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us *

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