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A Little Bit About
Us And Our Journey

Hello Lincoln!

I can't believe it has already been 21 years since we first started Star City Recycling. Back in the year 2002, we didn't have much besides a dream, a passion for the environment, and a family minivan.

Now, however, gone are the days of running our routes with the family minivan; of handing out totes with our name and number spray painted on the side. Now, we have an amazing crew and a fleet of trucks that carry our name. We have professional bins and even a warehouse and office to run our operations from. 

We may look different, but our dream of becoming one of the best recycling companies still remains. Our passion for the environment has intensified. Our business has grown, allowing us to recycle more items than we could have possibly dreamed of during our inception. It has been a truly wonderful journey, and we have been thankful every step of the way. (We don't miss the minivan though!)


The recycling industry has gone through some major changes over the years, but we have met these challenges head-on with a willingness to adapt and improve, continuing to be there - for YOU!

With some of the challenges that we have faced, such as the industry-wide push to single stream recycling, we have realized that going down certain paths would completely compromise what recycling (and our business) is all about. Instead, we chose to do things the old fashioned way. We are the ONLY company to hand-separate your recyclables right there at the curb. What this means is that instead of mixing together all of the papers, metals, cardboard, glass, etc., we take the time and effort to separate these items. It is the only way to ensure that the maximum amount of recyclables actually get recycled and not rerouted to a landfill in another state. Sometimes being "old-fashioned" is a good thing.

But not everything about us is old-fashioned. We are constantly growing and accepting more items, expanding our mainstream and electronic recycling efforts, as this truly is the future.

We want to thank each and every one of you for a great 21 years of recycling. Here's to another 21 more!

Garen & Victoria Miller

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